Archive in memory of Jean Jacques Peters, Hydraulic Engineer and Honorary Professor
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Exerpt from an opinion written in 1990 by the expert Brien Winkley, requested by The World Bank with regards to a dredging project in the Divagante Region of the maritime reach of the Congo river.

J.J. Peters’ methods of analysis and prediction of dredging requirements are to some degree unique but are fantastically correct. His ability to understand the workings of a very complicated reach of river that is probably different than any other large river emptying in the sea. Peters understands the natural controls that created this unusual reach of an alluvial river. His ability to perceive the sediment movement and the reaction of a variety of crossings is based not only on hydraulic theories but also on the way bed sediments are moved and stored within a river system. The numerous channels interacting with each other complicate an already difficult situation, but Peters’ method of prediction, reaction and the most feasible methods of attaining navigation depths are only gained by field experience, knowledge and the unique ability to understand rivers. Very few people in the world have this capability.

Brien Winkley
Consultant, and Former Head of the Potamology Section of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA